Patient Information

Kotzen Center for Women’s HealthWe are so pleased you made the decision to join other health-conscious women who want personalized and exceptional medical care—women like yourself who want the most advanced medical services, knowledge and technological tools available to maintain optimal health.

It is important to complete the confidential patient information form before your appointment. We need your medical history to ensure you receive the most personalized medical treatment available. Please bring the completed forms to your appointment. Please also be aware that Dr. Kotzen, like most physicians, cannot assume responsibility for your medical care or treatment until you have your medical exam.

Please note that all your information is confidential. That means your medical history and current information will not be discussed with anyone, including your relatives, other doctors and/or insurance companies, without your specific expressed permission.

Our office staff is happy to answer any questions about billings, methods of payment and/or appointment availability. To ensure you understand our service payment guidelines, please note that our office:

Most of all, we look forward to meeting you in our office.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you need more information about becoming one of our patients.